Cafes aren’t very super

SOMETHING which perplexes me whenever I go to supermarkets is why people choose to eat in the in store cafe.

I’ve come to the conclusion that these people are in fact,weirdos.

When I go the supermarket my aim is to spend as little time in there as humanly possible. So why, after I’ve achieved what I went there to do - shop - would I want to prolong my agony by eating some tasteless rubbish in the depressing looking cafe?

Is this what has become of some people’s lives? They decide to make a whole day of a trip to the supermarket?

There was a time when people would go out to Clumber for the day, or maybe over to Skeggy, but now it seems Sainsburys or Tesco is where it’s at.

The whole point of the supermarket is that you go to buy a whole load of food, so why people stay there and buy more even more food after they’ve bought all their other food confuses me enormously.

So if you’re reading this and you are one of the strange people who eats in these places - defend yourselves and explain your actions.