Urgent improvement ordered at Meadowhall milkshake bar after ZERO star hygiene rating

A popular milkshake bar at Meadowhall has been handed a zero-star food hygiene rating by inspectors.

Shakeaway has been given the lowest possible food-hygiene rating by the Food Standards Agency during its latest inspection.



Food safety officers inspected the milkshake bar on November 22 and found that ‘urgent improvement’ in cleanliness was necessary.

The report slammed the state of hygienic food handling, cleanliness and condition of the facilities and the building and the management of food safety.

Officers inspect a number of elements during a visit including the hygienic handling of food and the systems in place to ensure that food sold or served is safe to eat.

Based in the centre of Meadowhall, Shakeaway has become a popular meeting and eating place for shoppers.

Shakeaway offers customers millions of combinations of milkshakes, smoothies, frozen yoghurts as well as healthy and hot shakes.

The company began in 1999 with the first shop opening in Bournemouth and now boasts more than 180 flavours for made to order milkshakes.

Every business which deals with food has their hygiene standards inspected by safety officers from the local authority.

The food safety officer inspecting the business checks how well the business is meeting the law by looking at:

- how hygienically the food is handled

– how it is prepared, cooked, re-heated, cooled and stored

- the condition of the structure of the buildings

– the cleanliness, layout, lighting, ventilation and other facilities

- how the business manages and records what it does to make sure food is safe

At the end of the inspection, the business is given one of the six ratings from 0-5.

The top rating of ‘5’ means that the business was found to have ‘very good’ hygiene standards.

Shakeaway have been approached for a comment.