Plans to pull the plug on Creswell pool move closer

Creswell Leisure Centre.
Creswell Leisure Centre.

Council bosses have moved a step closer to fulfilling proposals to move their sport facilities from Creswell Leisure Centre to a newly-enhanced Clowne Sports Centre.

Bolsover District Council has proposed to award a contract to Pulse Fitness as their joint developer to build a new £4million enhanced leisure facility at the council’s existing sport facilities, at the authority’s Arc offices, on High Street, in Clowne.

Pulse has submitted a planning application to the council for approval.

The plans mean the council’s current swimming pool operations at Creswell Leisure Centre, which is owned by a trust, are expected to stop and the centre could lose its pool unless another organisation takes over the facility.

Council executive director Paul Hackett said: “With the backdrop of the government austerity measures and cuts to council budgets, this is one of the best opportunities the council has developed. It will ultimately save the authority money whilst providing better choice and better quality facilities.”

The council claims the Creswell centre would need around £300,000 of improvements just to maintain operations and it poses limited opportunities to increase its client base or income.

The council also argued it has been struggling to manage a reduction in government grants.

It also claimed a consultation showed 78.6per cent of participants “strongly agreed” or “agreed” with the proposed centre changes.

Some Creswell residents have voiced concerns about losing the pool or their centre and one critic claimed the consultation questionnaire had been “misleading”.

Plans for Clowne include a swimming pool, a teaching pool, water slide, gym, cafe, children’s play zone. thermal suite, spin studio and two dance studios.

Mr Hackett added: “We’re delighted to be in a position to award the contract to Pulse Fitness. This facility will provide our communities with first class, modern, health and leisure facilities that will help tackle obesity levels and encourage healthier lifestyles.”