Burglary warning in Worksop

Worksop residents are warned to be aware of a number of distraction and sneak-in burglaries which were reported thos week.

In the first incident, a resident of St Anne’s Drive was sitting in her back garden at around 4pm on Monday 23rd July when a man came into the garden and asked if she could change a £5 note for five one pound coins.

The woman went inside her house to find her purse, only to discover it had been taken. By this time, the man had left. The woman then found that someone had been inside the house and had searched through drawers and a jewellery box in an upstairs room.

At around 7pm that day, a man got into the home of an elderly woman in Anston Avenue and asked to use the toilet. She allowed him to do so, but then discovered that cash had been stolen from the house.

A similar incident was reported on Tuesday 24th July just before 11am. On this occasion a man called at the Gateford Road home of a woman in her 80s and asked for change for a £10 note. He then followed her into her house, pushed past her, stole her purse and fled.

Detective Inspector Ash Wilson said: “These incidents are extremely troubling, and each has been an example of an unscrupulous offender or offenders taking advantage of their victims’ trusting nature.”

“Once again, elderly and vulnerable victims appear to have been targeted and in two instances the offenders have gained access to the property before the householder has even been aware of them. Our enquiries are ongoing and we’re very keen to speak to anyone who saw someone acting suspiciously in these locations and around those times.”

Anyone with info can call Notts Police on 101 or call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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