Budget: Notts County Conservatives speak out about Labour’s proposed £77 million budget proposals

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Guardian News

Earlier in the week, Notts County Council revealed they needed to save £77 million by 2017-18.

Notts County Conservatives have spoken out and had their say about Labour’s budget proposals.

Coun Reg Adair, Conservative spokesman for Finance & Property, said:“Conservative Group councillors will study these proposals in detail over the coming days, but even at first glance it looks certain that Labour once again will be increasing council tax, probably by nearly 2%.”

“This, despite the fact that the Council is currently underspending its budget for this year.”

“Labour are showing sheer hypocrisy, closing down the remaining 6 County Council care homes and making 224 staff redundant, compared with our policy of transferring six homes and their staff to private providers. Our approach meant staff kept their jobs and residents kept their homes.”

“Labour propose to reduce the size of your household waste bins, but will spend nearly a million pounds extra for each district buying smaller ones (total £7 million spend), which I am sure will anger and baffle families.”

“Rather than work with local private companies to deliver our highways services, Labour prefer to establish a public sector company with the CORMAC Group in Cornwall, a county which could not be more different or further from Nottinghamshire if it tried. What an insult to local private contractors who could – and have – done good work for us previously.”

“Labour are taking £720,000 more out of bus services on top of existing cuts, when Conservatives have already pledged to put £800,000 back in to reverse the route cuts that have worried people most.”

“And overall, Labour are cutting nearly 500 posts, when in opposition they stood on the steps of County Hall with megaphones claiming they would save jobs.”