Bridge Street regeneration project continues in 2018

Bridge Street.Bridge Street.
Bridge Street.
The ongoing effort to fill empty shops and regenerate Bridge Street will be high on the agenda for 2018, according to Worksop Business Forum.

The end of last year saw the forum and Bassetlaw District Council taking major steps to improve the Bridge Street area, restoring historic buildings and carrying out a mass clean-up of litter and debris.

Empty units at the top of Bridge Street have been filled, with hopes to fill remaining units thanks to the launch of a “start-up grant” of £2,500 for new businesses.

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But Philip Jackson, chair of the forum, reiterated his past warning that new businesses will only thrive with the continued custom and support from shoppers.

He said: “The business forum welcomes a great start to 2018 with fewer empty shops and continued regeneration of the area.

“I believe that as the town starts to take pride in itself other businesses and start-ups will follow - but businesses will only work and become successful if the public support them.”

Popular events such as Worksop Pride, Worksop by the Sea and the Christmas lights switch-on, which were attended by thousands in 2017, will reoccur this year, Mr Jackson added, boosting footfall and pride in the town.

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Guardian readers have had their say on future plans to restore Worksop.

Michelle Shevill said: “Encourage independents to the town not chain stores - you can get chains anywhere.

“Independents mean different, they mean a reason for people to come to town.

Landlords and councils need to work together, which rarely happens, but the potential is huge. Good luck, Worksop.”

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Mark Cummins said: “Investment in the town centre is essential for the local commerce.

“Return it back in to a thriving market town and something the locals can get behind and be proud of.

“It’s surrounded by beautiful countryside, towns and villages which all play a part in Worksop’s future development.”