Brexit Party parliamentary candidate announced for Bassetlaw

A business owner of more than 20 years has been announced as the Brexit Party parliamentary candidate in Bassetlaw.

Debbie Soloman will contest the constituency in the next general election.

Bassetlaw MP, John Mann, announced his resignation after 18 years.

Debbie Soloman said: “The people of Bassetlaw were very clear with 67.8 per cent voting to leave the EU.

"They deserve a voice that will be loud and clear to deliver what they expect in parliament.

"My party is the only united party which have been clear and will defend the democracy of the people. It’s clear that only the Brexit Party can get Brexit done.

“Leaving the EU is just the beginning. Bassetlaw has issues around housing, education standards and dealing with drugs problems. Also there are issues around the reduced facilities at Bassetlaw hospital that need to be addressed.

"One of the Brexit Party’s policies it to have zero business rates on the high street for retailers. This policy will help rejuvenate the centres of Worksop, Retford, Harworth and Bircotes especially. Being able to invest in our economy and support British industry is one of the freedoms that leaving the EU gives us.

"With a robust economy we will be able to continue to invest in services and infrastructure within Bassetlaw.

"I will do all I can to address these issues to undertake genuine improvement. If people vote the same, they get the same. It’s time to change our politics by getting behind the Brexit Party who put the country first. It’s time to deliver.”

Debbie’s selection was welcomed by Richard Tice MEP and Annunziata Rees-Mogg MEP at a recent constituency meeting.

Annunziata Rees-Mogg, Jonathan Bullock and Matthew Patten, Brexit Party MEPs for the East Midlands said in a joint statement: "We would like to wish Debbie all the best in Bassetlaw, a seat which voted 'leave' in the referendum of 2016.

"Along with our prospective candidates up and down the country, Debbie will fight for Brexit and fight to restore trust in our democracy, which has been betrayed by the Government and the political classes.”