BREAKING: Greenpeace activists obstruct coal train’s path with life-size model polar bear

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Green Peace environmentalists have stopped a coal train on its way to Cottam power station using a life-size model polar bear.

The group, which consists of around 50 people, are unloading the cargo into sacks to be returned to Russia, which is they say is the source of 51 percent of the UK’s coal.

The campaigners have also led a life-sized, moving polar bear puppet to the front of the train, where it is now nose-to-nose with the locomotive.

One of the activists posted on the Greenpeace website, stating: “This afternoon, with 49 friends, and with great care, I helped stop a train carrying coal to Cottam power station.”

“Now we’re occupying the train so it can’t deliver its cargo. By doing this we’re sending a message to the political leaders taking part in the UN climate summit today: end the age of coal.”

“Stopping a coal train may seem drastic. It’s not a decision we’ve taken lightly. But I strongly believe that if we are going to stop rampant climate change, drastic actions are needed.”

More to follow.