Bramley: Warning after man hurt in chip pan blaze

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A man was rushed to hospital with burns after a chip pan fire in Bramley.

The blaze happened at around 10.30pm on Sunday night.

Fire crews found the kitchen was well alight when they arrived at the address in St Andrew’s Close.

A man in his 50s had managed to escape the property.

But he was taken to Rotherham Hospital after suffering shock and burns to his feet.

Firefighters managed to put out the fire and also gave some first aid treatment.

They left the scene at 12.20am.

South Yorkshire Fire and Rescue have issued a warning about the dangers of using chip pans.

A spokesman said: “Chip pans, or any cooking involving lots of hot oil, can be absolutely lethal.”

“People die in fires caused by chip pans every year in the UK, so we’d really urge people to stop cooking in this way.”

“Working smoke alarms are the best way of making sure that if your cooking does catch fire, everyone in the house gets out safely.”

Follow these chip-cooking safety tips to keep your home fire free:

• Never use a chip pan - use oven chips or a thermostat controlled fryer instead

• Don’t cook when drunk - buy a takeaway instead

• Get out, stay out and call 999 - don’t try and tackle a chip pan fire yourself

• Smoke alarms - have a smoke alarm on every level of your home and test them regularly