Bolsover: Council praised on improved audit

sp63412'Exterior of Bolsover District Council Offices
sp63412'Exterior of Bolsover District Council Offices

Bolsover District Council has been congratulated by external auditors as the authority was issued with a much improved audit report for 2012/13.

In 2011 Bolsover was hit with a £25,000 bill for extra work carried out by the audit commission to iron out problems with its annual accounts.

At the time, council leader Coun Eion Watts said the council had suffered badly as a result of central government cuts and was doing its best to meet the new targets.

Now, auditor KPMG says the issues have been addressed, against the background of significant reductions in the council’s level of financial resources.

The auditor issued an unqualified report in respect of both value for money and financial statements.

The report said necessary steps had been taken to balance the council’s 2013/14 budget, but that further work would be needed to secure further savings of £1.6 million over the next two financial years.

Said Coun Watts: “We faced up to the problems we had, took the constructive criticisms on board and addressed them in a planned and robust manner,” said Coun Watts.

A range of improvements were identified by KPMG including management of contracts, budgetary control, options appraisal and quality of information.

Two recommendations for further improvement were made - down from 17 the previous year:

• Timeliness and operation of existing management review procedures over the draft accounts

• Addressing control weaknesses in governing and managing contracts