Blyth: Police offer advice after shed broken into


Notts Police have issued a list of crime prevention tips after a shed was broken into in Blyth.

The shed had been forced open on Bawtry Road between 3pm on Sunday 1st June and 3pm on Saturday 7th June.

Nothing has been reported as stolen so far.

In light of the incident, Notts Police have offered the following advice:

Fit a tough pad bar (also called hasp and staple) secured with coach bolts and a strong padlock to the shed door.

Replace standard hinges with strap hinges secured by coach bolts or use security screws on existing hinges.

Fit a battery-operated shed alarm.

Chain tools, cycles and other valuable equipment together or to a ground anchor using a high security chain.

Register your property for free on the national property database This helps Police to reunite stolen items with their rightful owners in the event of them being recovered.

Protectively mark your valuable property with your name and postcode preferably using a visible property marking kit such as Cremark or SelectaMARK.

It is better not to fit windows to sheds. However, if your shed does have a window, fit a window grille and/or a frosted window film to stop a potential thief seeing what’s inside your shed.

Install outside security lighting operated by either movement sensor or photo electric cell (Dusk till Dawn light) to the garden area, giving coverage to the shed.

Further crime prevention guides can be found at

If you have information about any crime or see anyone acting suspiciously in your area call Nottinghamshire Police on 101.