Bluebell Wood path blighted by dog mess

THE path around a charity that looks after sick children has been left in an ‘appalling’ state because dog owners are failing to clear up after their animals.

Thursday, 12th April 2012, 3:26 pm

Bosses at Bluebell Wood Children’s Hopsice in South Anston said the mess is posing a health risk to already poorly children.

Several residents have already complained about the state of the paths and woodland area around the hospice.

The charity has already put signs up reminding dog owners to clear up after their animals, but to no avail.

Gail Collins said: “Bluebell Wood have had to put signs up because the kids are having to play dog mess slalom with their wheelchairs.”

“Pick it up and put the bag in the bin, latest thing is pick it up then throw your bag on the floor - worse for environment than not picking up at all.”

“As I walk the paths carrying my dog poo in a bag until I find a bin, I am amazed by how many people put it in a bag and then throw the bag anywhere. How is that better?”

Jeanette Froggatt added: “Bluebell Wood put up three notices politely asking people to clean up after their dogs as children from the hospice walk out down the paths. Some idiot tore them down the next day and threw them in the ditch.”

Sarah Champion, chief executive of Bluebell Wood Children’s Hospice, urged dog owners to be responsible and considerate.

She said: “As a dog owner it really saddens me that people are not clearing up after their animals as it gives us all a bad name.”

“However, to leave dog dirt on the only path out of the hospice is appalling.”

“A lot of our children are in wheel chairs. If we want to take them for a walk we have to try and navigate around dog mess, which is difficult and it poses an additional health risk to already poorly children.”

“There is a designated dog walkway parallel to the path which dog walkers could use, or, why can’t owners just be responsible and considerate to others and clean up after their dogs?”

The Forestry Commission, who is understood to own the land, has also put signs up urging people to clean up after their dog.