BIRD FLU FEARS: Dead swans discovered at Clumber Park

12 dead swans found at Clumber Park.
12 dead swans found at Clumber Park.

Bird flu fears have been sparked after the carcasses of 12 dead swans were discovered at Clumber Park.

The National Trust, which oversees the popular Worksop park, say the swans have been removed by government scientists who are currently carrying out tests to find out if the swans were infected with the H5NA virus.

Though the park is open as normal, visitors are advised to stay away from ducks, geese and other wild birds.

A spokesman for the National Trust said: “The bodies of a number of dead swans have been discovered at Clumber Park since Christmas Eve. A total of 12 swans have been found near the lake at Clumber Park.

“As a precautionary measure National Trust rangers informed government scientists, who removed the swan carcasses this week. A post-mortem examination is currently being carried out.

“Clumber Park will remain open to visitors with usual. Public Health England advises that the risks to public health from the H5N8 virus are very low.

“As with any wild animal, we advise our visitors against feeding or touching the ducks, geese and other wild birds at Clumber Park.”