BIRCOTES: Government agrees Serlby Park new school build

Serlby Park could have a new school by 2016 after chancellor George Osborne agreed to a schedule of work, starting next year.

Guardian News
Guardian News

Bassetlaw MP John Mann pressed the chancellor to promise funding for the Bircotes project at a meeting of the treasury select committee today (Thursday 11th July 2013).

Speaking afterwards, Mr Mann said he had received a guarantee that a feasibility study would be completed by 2014 and building finished by 2016.

“I am delighted that Osborne has finally caved in and agreed to fund the new Serlby Park school. This is a long-awaited decision,” he said.

“Many thanks to local people who sent in postcards of Bassetlaw to the chancellor demanding that he give a concrete promise to this project.”

“I will continue to push Osborne to spend more on infrastructure in Bassetlaw, including Dyscarr Primary School in Langold and the planned Elkesley A1 bridge.”

“These projects are shovel ready, and will create jobs in Bassetlaw. Osborne now needs to get a move on and start digging.”