Bill to tackle car park confusion

BASSETLAW MP John Mann is backing a campaign to improve signage and ticketing technology in car park.

Mr Mann is support a 10 Minute Rule Bill to be introduced by Mick Smith, MP for Blaenau Gwent, in he House of Commons today (Tuesday).

The bill is seeking to improve signage and ticketing technology in car parks. It calls for clear and unambiguous signage, so motorists know if they are entering a pay and display car park, know what they will have to pay and are offered simple ways to pay.

The 10 Minute Rule Bill aims to make it as easy as possible for motorists to pay the right amount for the hours they park, without falling foul of car park rules and getting a parking charge notice of up to £100.

Mr Mann said: “I know that motorists are feeling the pinch from high petrol prices. So when they park they need to know they won’t be hit by ‘hidden’ parking charges.”

“If we want more shoppers in our high streets and town centres; we need accessible and affordable parking. Clear signage and easy ways to pay will help the motorist comply with car park rules and pay the right amount for their parking space.”

“So I’m pleased to support this Bill which is on the side of the motorist.”

Mr Smith said: “Private car park operators made 1.57 million requests to the DVLA last year for driver details.”

“They use these details to issue parking charge notices to motorists for alleged breach of car park rules. Motorists can be hit with an extra charge of up to £100. My Bill aims to make it clear to motorists when and what they have to pay, so they can’t be treated as a soft touch. “