Bells ring out to mark start of the Olympics

Cyclists at Clumber Park joined with people around the UK to take part in a national bell ringing event on Friday.

Turner Prize-winning artist and musician Martin Creed invited everyone in the UK to take part in Work No. 1197 - with all the bells in the country rung as quickly and loudly as possible for three minutes at 08.12am on 27th July to celebrate the first day of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

The theme at Clumber was bicycle bells and people gathered by the Lake outside the chapel just before 8.12am.

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The first ring of the chapel’s bell marked the start of the three minute bicycle bell ring.

This unique London 2012 Festival commission was the festival’s biggest community project offering everyone the chance to be part of London 2012 history.

Martin Creed has said: “It’s by people and for people. On the morning of the opening of the Games it’s a massive signal that something is happening.”