Belgium football fans head for Cardiff in Wales, sat nav leads them to Wales, South Yorkshire!

NEWS: News.
NEWS: News.

Belgium football fans have been descending upon Wales today for their Euro 2016 qualifier tonight in Cardiff.

You might be asking yourself what this has got to do with local news - well let me tell you.

Now, we’ve all probably at some point entered the wrong post code into our sat navs and ended up just short of our desired location.

Well, feel for this lot.

For a group of Belgium football fans ended up around 200 miles from their target, have you guessed yet? Yes, they landed in Wales, South Yorkshire!

The fans rang up the Studio Brussel radio station this morning saying they had arrived at the wrong Wales.

The group said their sat nav had taken to them to the wrong place and they were now in a rush to make the game.

Here’s to hoping the hardy souls make the match later tonight and let us never complain of our own sat nav mishaps again.