Bassetlaw UKIP

Bassetlaw UKIP Independence Party
Bassetlaw UKIP Independence Party

The Bassetlaw division of the United Kingdom Independence Party was formed in March 2013 by local people who are passionate about their country and getting great britain back to its proper standing on the world’s stage.

Exiting the EU would save us £53 million every day, allow us to manage our borders and immigration policy, scrap the human rights act and free us from overblown bureaucracy and red tape. The people of the UK deserve better.

We want a country that is governed by local people through elected coucillors, a country that makes its own laws and is not dictated to by unelected bureaucrats in brussels. Exiting the EU would free us from its restrictions and enable us to trade not only with Europe but also the rest of the world on our terms and the savings made would go a long way to improving local services, to include a more visible police force, better road surfaces, better education and health care and a better life for all.

Local elections do affect local people. Please lets have a return to common sense. Vote UKIP on 2nd May.