Bassetlaw: Schools hoping to carry on as normal during strike

Schools across the district are planning to be open as normal when teachers in Nottinghamshire go on strike next month.

Thursday, 12th September 2013, 10:13 am

The NUT and NASUWT have announced that their members in Notts and South Yorksire will go on strike on 1st October over issues concerning pay, pensions and working conditions, including workloads.

But while accepting some of their staff may strike on the day, local schools are currently saying it will be business as usual on the day unless otherwise stated.

“We support all unions and our teachers who are members of them and if they choose to strike on the day then we support them in that,” said Laura Edwards, spokesman for the School Partnerships Trust which includes Serlby Park Academy.

“However, until we know exactly how many teachers will choose to strike, we cannot say whether schools will be affected or not. But at the moment, as far as we are concerned, our schools will be open as normal.”

Despite local schools not expecting major problesm, Ivan wells, NUT divisional secretary for Nottinghamshire, is still expecting a high level support for the action across the county overall.

“We are just fed up with the pressure being piled upon us by disruption to the curriculum, ofsted inspections and focus on things teachers shouldn’t be having to worry about, it all amounts to de-skilling,” he said.