Bassetlaw: Residents warned not to sell grit for cash

Residents in Bassetlaw are being reminded that the grit within the bins is for use on roads and pavements and not for private driveways.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 14th January 2015, 2:27 pm
Guardian News
Guardian News

The message comes after grit bins in Bassetlaw have been refilled this week - after gritting teams hit the roads on Tuesday.

Over the past few days crews have been inspecting and refilling yellow grit bins across the county.

“The grit provided in yellow bins is strictly for use on public roads and pavements and is there to help the public help the county council to keep roads and footways safe,” said coun Kevin Greaves, chairman of the county council’s transport and highways committee.

“Taking it for use on drives or, possibly, to sell for profit is a very selfish and dangerous act, which puts the safety of all road users at risk and could even cost someone’s life.”

“Bags of rock salt, for use on people’s private property, are available at all good builder’s merchants and DIY stores,” he added.

In previous years there have been instances where people have taken away the salt for use on their own property; put it in the boot of their cars to take elsewhere; or even made a profit by unlawfully selling it on.

In addition to the yellow bins, residents and town and parish councils can buy a blue bin from the county council if they so wish – coloured blue to differentiate them from the council’s own yellow bins – and these can be delivered, filled with salt, ready for use.

Once delivered however, local residents become responsible for making sure that the blue bin is kept full of salt and for spreading any salt on the road in severe weather.