Bassetlaw: Rapes in Bassetlaw rise by 37 per cent

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The number of rape cases in Bassetlaw which were recorded by the police has risen according to official figures.

The Office for National Statistics revealed 95 sexual offence cases have been recorded in Bassetlaw for the year.

The number has risen by 37 per cent, with 59 cases being recorded in September 2013.

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Crime Minister Norman Baker believes the rise, not just in Bassetlaw, but in England, is because: “Victims are now more willing to report rape and more people are feeling empowered to come forward to report what has happened to them.”

A spokesperson for Rape Crisis England & Wales said: “ Without the detail behind the recorded crime statistics published by the Office for National Statistics for Bassetlaw, it is difficult to speculate what exactly the significant rise in sexual offences being recorded by police force signify.”

“Whether the figures reflect an increase in the numbers of sexual violence survivors coming forward to seek criminal justice, or an improvement in the consistency with which these serious crimes are recorded by police forces, or an increase in such crimes themselves, what is clear is that they are just the tip of the iceberg.”

Separate figures from the Crime Survey for England and Wales showed a drop in some crimes, such as burglary, in Bassetlaw.

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In August 2013, 379 cases of burglary was recorded, a year later in August 2014, there were just 85 cases.

Overall crime in Bassetlaw has fallen by 7 per cent and there was a total of 870 crimes recorded for the year.

Both men and women can become a victim of rape and there are many services which people can turn to for help.

In Worksop there is a victim support scheme at Worksop police station and they help anyone who has been affected by crime.

To contact the scheme ring 01909 500455.