Bassetlaw: Parents reminded of simple safety tips ahead of Child Safety Week

Bassetlaw parents have been reminded of the simple things they can do to keep children safe and to help prevent unnecessary injuries as part of Child Safety Week, 23rd-29th June.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 23rd June 2014, 10:00 pm
County Hall at Trent Bridge
County Hall at Trent Bridge

In Bassetlaw 4,182 children aged 0-5 years attended Accident and Emergency between 2009-2013 as a result of an accidental injury, and 510 were are admitted to hospital in the same period.

The most common causes of injuries for 0-5 years in Notts are - falls (43%), contact with furniture, glass or sports equipment (22%) and poisoning (15%).

Four per cent of injuries to children aged 0-5 in Notts were as a result of burns or scalds.

The most common cause of burns in this age group is hot drinks or hair straighteners and some of the most severe are as a result of bath water that is too hot.

Despite that, burns and scalds are also some of the most preventable of injuries.

Coun Joyce Bosnjak, Chair of the Notts Health and Wellbeing Board, said: “Our busy A & E departments and hospitals see lots of avoidable injuries every day, some of which result in lasting damage to the child.”

“In Notts we have fewer admissions to hospital as a result of avoidable injuries than the national average, but there are still lots of things that we can do to make our homes safer for children.”

“Younger children are naturally inquisitive and have no awareness of danger, making sure they cannot reach or access things which can result in an injury is really important – some forethought and common sense can alleviate a lot of risk.”

As part of Child Safety Week there is a cot relay which will be travelling throughout all 58 children’s centres in Notts with a child safety theme.

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