Bassetlaw: Over 85s will receive free fire safety checks as part of Council scheme

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Guardian News

Home safety checks are being carried out on 50 Bassetlaw homes belonging to residents aged 85 and over thanks to a joint initiative led by Notts County Council and Notts Fire and Rescue Service.

The Council’s customer service centre has contacted service users aged 85 and over to offer the free service to reduce their chances of a fire or an accident in their home.

The checks take approximately 45 minutes, during which time the firefighters complete a detailed checklist, advising residents on a range of safety issues including the risk of overloading plugs, trailing wires, smoking hazards and the importance of installing, and regular testing, of smoke alarms.

Attempts have been made to call over 500 residents in the district and there are plans to carry out the initiative in other districts in the county.

Feedback from residents elsewhere in the county has been positive with 100 percent of those taking up the service stating that they would recommend it to others.

Coun Muriel Weisz, of Notts County Council, said: “People aged over 85 are particularly vulnerable to the risk of fire and injuries in their home so this safety check identifies any risks in their property that could cause a fire or an accident.”

“Therefore, we encourage all households to have smoke alarms as a minimum to alert them to any potential fires in their home.”

People over the age of 85 wanting a free home fire safety check should contact the Fire and Rescue Service on 0800 022 3235.

Or you can email