Bassetlaw MP says the real crucial Brexit votes are still to come

John Mann MP
John Mann MP

They called it the meaningful vote on Tuesday, but in reality it was the meaningless vote, because all it did was to allow the Government to proceed to a Bill on the final part of leaving the EU by March 29, writes John Mann MP.

This Bill can be amended and will have several crucial cliff-hanger votes, should it ever get that far.

Even the no deal Brexit requires a series of laws passing to allow the UK to trade.

Either way these new laws and regulations will take several years to complete.

The real reality is that three-quarters of Parliament are remainers, who voted to remain.

Every party leader voted to remain, I was one of only six Labour MPs who voted to leave.

There is only just a majority in Parliament to stop Brexit being scuppered.

Tuesday’s vote was not the crucial vote.

There are several crucial votes, perhaps as many as 20 over the next six weeks that will determine how Britain will and even if it leaves the EU.

I will be keeping my cool, keeping to my promise to see through Brexit and using not just my vote, but my influence behind the scenes to ensure that we get there and leave on March 29.

The day for the people of Bassetlaw to decide whether I have succeeded or not will be on March 30 and not before.

My position remains consistent – Britain should leave and it should get on with it.

Britain should do a trade deal that supporters jobs in the area and nationally and as a free independent country it has two choices, either to compete by under-cutting the rest of Europe, with cheaper wages and poorer conditions, making its goods and services cheaper, or compete on being the best, with higher standards, better worker’s rights and environmental protections and higher wages.

My amendment, backed by a number of trade unionist Labour MPs would have given a crucial set of guarantees, in law on this and is absurd that it wasn’t called.

I will always use my vote on every vote to ensure that the will of the people will be respected and Britain leaves the European Union.