Bassetlaw MP says district is leading way nationally on drug-related issues

John Mann is celebrating 10 years as an MP (w110610-3c)
John Mann is celebrating 10 years as an MP (w110610-3c)

Bassetlaw John Mann MP asked in Parliament this week why the district is leading the way nationally in tackling drug-related issues.

He said: “Reductions in overdose deaths, reductions in in-patient A and E admissions for drug addicts, reductions in house burglary, increases in employment of drug addicts in treatment—on all these indicators, Bassetlaw is outperforming the rest of the country. Why?”

Liberal Democrat MP for Taunton Deane Jeremy Browne replied: “It must be because Bassetlaw has an outstandingly talented local MP, I assume.”

“The hon. Gentleman is right to draw the House’s attention to the three strands of the Government’s strategy: reducing demand, restricting supply and building recovery. Great progress is being made on all three in Bassetlaw and elsewhere.”

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