Bassetlaw MP John Mann 'likely' to back PM's Brexit deal

Bassetlaw MP John Mann 'likely' back PM's Brexit deal
Bassetlaw MP John Mann 'likely' back PM's Brexit deal

John Mann, the MP for Bassetlaw and Brexit supporter, said he is likely to back the prime minister's Brexit deal, despite being a member of the opposition.

Mr Mann told Sky News’ Sophy Ridge he won’t be the only one from the Labour Party to vote with the Tories when the prime minister’s deal goes before parliament tomorrow (January 15)

He said: "A day’s a long time in politics so things can change but as things stand it is likely I will vote for the deal, yes.

"If I do I don’t expect to be the only one.

"I would be surprised if it was anything like enough to get this through but things can change.

“You need to remember I voted leave in the referendum but more importantly I voted to trigger Article 50, I voted for the referendum in the first place - every single Labour MP except the honourable exception of Mike Gapes did so - and the Labour manifesto this time said we’re going to see through the will of the people and the referendum decision to leave the EU.”

Mr Mann met Mrs May in Downing Street last week, to request protections on workers' rights and environmental standards be added to the law enshrining the agreement.

Mr Mann denied that voting with Mrs May's Brexit 'divorce' deal will be propping up the conservatives.

He added: "There'd be a confidence vote."

"There could have been one put already and when there is there will be a general election.

"One of my colleagues I know is in discussion with others over the whole issue of equality law.

"Let's have the highest standards but let's have it legally binding in the Withdrawal Act and let's have that guarantee before Tuesday, that will move us on.

"Will it get the prime minister over the line? I suspect not but it takes a lot nearer towards that."

Rother valley MP Kevin Barron will also back the deal, although he said it may disappoint many in his party.

Labour MP Mr Barron said in a statement on his Twitter account: "Tomorrow evening I will be voting in favour of the Prime Minister’s deal.

"It is the only option that fulfils the promises I made to my constituents in Rother Valley and avoids the horror of a no deal Brexit.

He told The Times: "During the 2017 general election when I was campaigning in Rother Valley, I made clear to my constituents that I had voted for Article 50, which set out the timetable that we are now following for our exit from the EU.

"I also made it clear that while I would hold the government to account on its Brexit policies, I would also not disrespect my constituents by needlessly trying to block Brexit."

The UK is due to leave the EU by default on 29 March.

More than 90 Conservative MPs said in December they would vote against Mrs May's deal