Bassetlaw: Mann slams proposed cuts to health budgets

John Mann MP is angry at proposed health cuts for Bassetlaw
John Mann MP is angry at proposed health cuts for Bassetlaw

Bassetlaw MP John Mann has slammed proposed measures which would cut Bassetlaw Clinical Commissioning Group’s budget by £6.4 million.

Mr Mann highlighted the fact that while areas like Bassetlaw would suffer, several areas represented by senior cabinet figures, including Prime Minister David Cameron, were to see their budgets increased.

He said the measures were a clear example of a north-south divide with the Government showing bias to the south.

And he called on NHS England to reject the proposals when they are discussed on Tuesday, 17th December.

“The funding for each person in Bassetlaw and Doncaster would be cut by £99 under these new proposals,” he said.

“When you look at the regions that the coalition is targeting, a very clear divide opens up.”

“The north will lose a staggering £721.5 million, with South Yorkshire and Bassetlaw alone losing £149 million between them.”

“Meanwhile the area classified by the Government as the south will actually see an increase in their health budget of £283 million.”

“We in the north appear to be paying for an increase in spending in the south.”

“Many senior Conservatives will get huge increases in funding for their areas, at the expense of those who really need it.”

As well as Mr Cameron’s NHS Oxfordshire group getting a funding increase, Mr Mann says there will also be more money for the areas represented by Chancellor George Osborne, Home Secretary Theresa May, Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt, Leader of the House Andrew Lansley, party chairman Grant Schapps, Work and Pensions Secretary Iain Duncan Smith and Culture Secretary Maria Miller.

All, with the exception of Mr Osborne, in Eastern Cheshire, represent southern-based groups.

“These changes would shift funding from areas that have some of the worst health inequalities in the country to some of the most prosperous areas,” continued Mr Mann.

“That is not only unfair, it is morally wrong.”