Bassetlaw: Mann pours scorn on UKIP for ‘copying’ his proposal

Bassetlaw MP John Mann has poured scorn on UKIP’s proposal to move the Department for Culture, Media and Sport to Manchester – saying he came up with the same idea two years ago.
John Mann MPJohn Mann MP
John Mann MP

“In January 2012, I tabled eight presentation bills in Parliament, which sought to relocate the headquarters of eight Government departments to cities outside of London,” he said.

“One of my proposals was to move the Department of Culture, Media and Sport to Manchester.”

“Bizarrely, UKIP has now adopted this proposal.”

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“UKIP has ‘launched’ my proposal as its own in a desperate attempt to convince voters in the North that they can be trusted.”

“I would take any claims from UKIP that they support growth in the north with a pinch of salt.”

“Last year, their leader Nigel Farage claimed that he was the only politician keeping Thatcherism alive.

“I think we have certainly had enough of Thatcherism in the north.”