Bassetlaw: Mann calls for faster rural broadband

Bassetlaw MP John Mann
Bassetlaw MP John Mann

Bassetlaw MP John Mann has tabled an Early Day Motion highlighting the problems that many of his rural constituents face in gaining access to high-speed broadband.

And he is now calling on the Government to help solve this problem.

Mr Mann said: Some of my constituents in Misson, for example, cannot access high-speed broadband due to the exchange in Bawtry, a neighbouring authority, not being updated as it is deemed not commercially worthwhile.”

“Many of the problems facing rural residents are due to the local exchange boxes which, whilst only a short distance away, are crucially located in a neighbouring county and therefore require cross-regional solutions.”

“The Broadband Delivery UK programme provided £10 million to South Yorkshire Authorities to invest in the upgrading of rural broadband.”

“I am calling on the Government to ensure that Bassetlaw and other areas receive similar funding.”