Bassetlaw Liberal Democrats - Leon Duveen

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As Liberal Democrats we want to see a Nottinghamshire where all its citizens, from Misson on the Yorkshire border all the way down to Normanton on Soar next to Leicestershire, feel the Council is on their side and working hard for them without stifling their lives.

We will work to reduce spending on bureaucracy and on County Hall so we can redirect the money to where it is needed such as improving our roads, keeping Libraries open & support young people. There will be no rise in Councillor Allowances if the Lib Dems form the next administration.

We are also committed to more openness in County Council contracts and also to bring decision making down to local communities wherever we can.

Our manifesto has a commitment to review local residents parking schemes and work with bus and train companies to make sure we get a better integrated public transport service. Here in Bassetlaw, we will continue to work hard to make sure that the new Bus Station in Worksop becomes a reality.

Only the Lib Dems can build the brighter future the people of Nottinghamshire deserve because we are the only party that work with them and for them.