Bassetlaw: Lib Dem candidate Leon Duveen says carers need more support

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Bassetlaw’s Liberal Democrat candidate at the next election, Leon Duveen, says more needs to be done to support thousands of carers in Bassetlaw who are the ‘unsung heroes’ of the system.

New research by Carers UK shows there are nearly 4,000 people who begin caring annually in Bassetlaw.

Speaking on Carers Right Day, Leon Duveen said: “There are more than 12,100 carers in Bassetlaw and they all do a remarkable job.”

“We need to make sure they receive the support they need.”

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“Carers contribute so much to our economy and society we want to make it easier for them to stay in work and balance their caring responsibilities with other parts of their lives.”

“The Liberal Democrats believe in offering opportunity for everyone in order to build a stronger economy and a fairer society.”

“That means really valuing the work that informal carers do, day in day out.”