Bassetlaw: Labour holds council after election results announced

The local council election results have been announced today (Friday 23rd May), with Labour retaining control of Bassetlaw council.

By Sophie Wills
Friday, 23rd May 2014, 7:42 pm
Bassetlaw District Council, Potter Street, Worksop  (w120328-5b)
Bassetlaw District Council, Potter Street, Worksop (w120328-5b)

Labour have kept all their seats in the Bassetlaw area and gained one Conservative seat in Worksop South from Chris Wanless, who stepped down prior to the election.

UKIP, who have made breakthroughs nationally, made no gains in Bassetlaw but came second in 12 wards, nine of which were Labour-held.

Mike Quigley replaced his retiring wife Wendy for the Conservatives in East Retford East.

Coun Alan Rhodes, leader of Notts County Council, said he was ‘delighted’ with the results. He told the Guardian: “It has been a brilliant day for Labour.”

“But UKIP did come second in many seats and that is something we cannot ignore. We will be taking it very seriously.”

Conservative councillor Tracey Taylor, of Bassetlaw council, said: “Overall it has been a good result for us- we have retained three of our four seats, which is a massive achievement in an area where labour traditionally dominates.”

“The UKIP numbers in some places are concerning. It is time for us to hit the streets and win back support from the electorate.”

“I don’t see what a UKIP councillor would be able to do for the people of Bassetlaw and I am hoping this will be picked up on by voters.”

UKIP candidate for Retford West, Jon Wade said: “We are thrilled at our success nationally, and anything that happened here today would have been a bonus. ”

Bassetlaw council now consists of 35 labour councillors, 10 conservative councillors and 3 independents.

The overall turnout in the Bassetlaw council elections was 32.6 percent.

The results were as follows:

Worksop South: LABOUR. Kevin Greaves with 795. Tory 524. UKIP 498. Lib Dems 72.

Worksop North: LABOUR. David Potts with 980 votes. UKIP 593. Tory 333.

Worksop South East. LABOUR. Deirdre Foley, 1071 votes. UKIP second with 393. Tory 94. Lib dems 50.

Harworth: LABOUR. Anita Smith with 1064 votes. UKIP second with 469 and Tory in at third with 410.

Retford East. LABOUR. Graham Oxby with 1030 votes. Lib dems 45. UKIP 388. Conservatives 410.

Worksop North West. LABOUR. David Pressley with 910 votes. UKIP second place with 696.

Worksop North East. LABOUR. Madaleine Richardson with 868 votes. UKIP second with 467 and Conservatives third 288

Tuxford and Trent: CONSERVATIVE. Keith Izzard with 562 votes. Labour 443. UKIP 343.

Carlton: LABOUR. Robin Carrington-Wild with 784. UKIP 441. Conservative 386.

East Retford South: LABOUR. Carolyn Troop with 642 votes. UKIP 314. Conservative 220.

Misterton: INDEPENDENT. Hazel Brand with 491 votes. UKIP 150. Conservative 98.

East Retford West: LABOUR. Ian Campbell with 544 votes. UKIP 292. Conservative 232. Lib dems 53.

Worksop East: LABOUR. Griff Wynne with 914 votes. UKIP 463. Independent 161.

Everton: CONSERVATIVE. Annette Simpson with 360 votes. UKIP 166. Labour 135. Lib Dem 39.

Langold: LABOUR. Jill Freeman with 291. Conservative 28. UKIP 186.

East Retford East: CONSERVATIVE: Mike Quigley with 727 votes. Labour 702. UKIP 386. Lib dem 86.