Bassetlaw: Food bank receives 27 year old tin of sardines

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A 27-year-old tin of sardines donated to Bassetlaw Food Bank has left staff smelling a bit fishy.

Volunteers at the Worksop charity, on Lowtown Street, could not believe their eyes when they saw it had a best before date of 1987.

It was sent to the food bank as part of a donation from Ranby House Preparatory School, near Retford, following a harvest festival in October.

The 125g Sou’ Wester sardines, in tomato sauce, is a product of Portugal and although staff think it would be probably be okay to eat - they insist they are taking no chances.

Instead it will take pride of place on display to ensure people understand that out-of-date foods cannot be distributed out to families.

Bassetlaw Food Bank co-ordinator, Allison Palmer, said: “It is certainly the oldest item we have received as a donation so far.”

“The fact it comes from Portugal is just bizarre.”

“We have had tins of soup that have been in the back of people’s cupboards for a number of years but nothing as extreme as this.

“I think it would be better placed in Mr Straw’s house.”

“I was the one who unpacked it. It was part of a very large donation by Ranby House.”

“We all had a good laugh about it.”

“It is now on one of our shelves as a reminder to staff and our visitors that we do not give out out-of-date food.”

Bassetlaw Food Bank recently celebrated it’s one year anniversary after opening in April 2013.

The food bank distributes parcels to people in the local area.