Bassetlaw: Drowning prevention charity issues warning as weather hots up

The drowning prevention charity has issued water safety tips that could save lives as temperatures are expected to hit 20C in the coming weeks.

Guardian News
Guardian News

Warm weather leads people to spend time in and around water but if not done safely it can end in tragedy.

Around 400 people drown in the UK each year, the equivalent of one every 20 hours. When the weather warms up more people enjoy the water and drownings in open water sadly peak.

Diving or jumping into water with low temperature can cause the body to have a cold shock response, resulting in a number of involuntary physiological responses including difficulty in moving limbs, making swimming or staying on the surface difficult, and a sudden gasp which can mean water is breathed in instead of air.

And it is important to remember to be safe around the home as people spend more time in the garden and dig out paddling pools for children.

RLSS UK’s acting director of volunteers and community education, Mike Dunn, said: “With the predicted nice weather we want people to go out and enjoy the water safely and we advise people to swim at open water sites where there are lifeguards to help keep swimmers safe.”

“We also ask people to think water safety at home and follow our tips.”

“So, make the most of the weather but listen to advice and do so responsibly, don’t let a weekend of fun become a tragedy.”

Be aware of your surroundings and take notice of any warning signs when out and about.

When running or walking next to open water, stay well clear of bank edges. They are often unstable and this can create slips, trips and falls.

Try to always walk or run with a friend.

Always let someone know where you’re going - take your mobile phone and let people know beforehand.

Learn swimming and lifesaving skills.