Bassetlaw: Councillors’ expense claims revealed

Bassetlaw District Council, Queen's Buildings
Bassetlaw District Council, Queen's Buildings

Councillors claimed a grand total of £333,088 in expenses in Bassetlaw last year, latest figures reveal.

Our elected representatives filed claims for £7,327 worth of meals and accommodation, and £13,008 for travel costs.

The largest portion, £222,145, was allocated through the basic allowance, which sees each councillor given £4,628.04 for every year they are in office.

Bassetlaw Council had 48 councillors in 2013-14.

They can also receive a ‘special responsibility allowance’ which varies in amount depending on whether they are a cabinet member, committee chairman or civic chairman.

For example, as leader of the council, Labour Coun Simon Greaves took home £13,254 - the highest special responsibility sum - for his role as a cabinet member and three other committee seats.

Independent Sturton ward Coun Hugh Burton claimed the highest travel allowance of £2,028. He lives in North Wheatley.

Conservative Coun Annette Simpson, who represents Everton and lives in Gringley, closely followed by claiming £2,000 for travel.

Several councillors did not claim for any travel or subsistence expenses.

• The top ten total claimants were:

Simon Greaves £18,264

Griff Wynne £14,193

Sybil Fielding £12,872

Sylvia May £10,500

Alan Chambers £10,469

Gloria Evans £10,458

Julie Leigh £10,310

Jo White £9,607

Hugh Burton £9,070

Gill Freeman £8,966

• The top five subsistence claimants were:

Annette Simpson £496

David Challinor £447

Josie Potts £340

Griff Wynne £313; Gill Freeman £282.

• The most travel costs claimed (after Hugh Burton and Annette Simpson) were by:

Hazel Brand £1,278

David Challinor £1,072

Tracey Taylor £807