Bassetlaw: Council leader is positive about devolved powers plan

Coun Simon Greaves
Coun Simon Greaves

Bassetlaw Council leader Coun Simon Greaves believes Bassetlaw can benefit from having more powers devolved to it and the region from central Government.

Coun Greaves feels securing more devolved control to the region will bring greater prosperity to the people of Bassetlaw in the coming years.

He said: “The devolution agenda continues to gather pace as central government looks to pass some of its powers and responsibilities to regions elsewhere in the country.

“Devolution means that we can have more control over things that we want for our towns and cities, and we can decide at a local level what matters to us and our future.

“We’re working in partnership with councils in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and South Yorkshire to secure regional devolution deals that will help grow our local economy, improve skills and create jobs.”

Bassetlaw is a member of two devolution areas, one with neighbouring district councils in Chesterfield, Bolsover, Derbyshire Dales and North East Derbyshire and one as part of the Sheffield City Region.

And Coun Greaves says the Sheffield City Region has reached a deal agreed in principal with the Government.

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Bassetlaw is also a member of the North Midlands’ Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire devolution area (previously known as D2N2).

Coun Greaves continuned: “There is no deal currently agreed, but this week details of the draft proposals submitted to the Government were published for the first time.

“These can be found on our website

“By being actively involved in both areas we can negotiate the best deals for Bassetlaw from the powers and money being devolved from Whitehall to these two areas.”