Bassetlaw: ‘Controversial’ bin plan is scrapped after backlash

A ‘controversial’ plan to make Bassetlaw residents’ general waste bins smaller has been scrapped.

Wednesday, 11th February 2015, 11:58 am
Guardian News

Notts County Council has decided not to pursue the plans after concerns were raised in a recent consultation.

The suggestion was one of the proposals included in the Budget consultation, aimed at helping the council make savings of £77m over the next three years.

The idea would have seen the council work with Bassetlaw Council to look at the feasibility of reducing the size of general waste bins in order to encourage greater recycling.

“We always knew that the proposal would be controversial and, indeed, it turned out to be the most unpopular idea in our Budget proposals,” said Coun Jim Creamer, chairman of the county council’s environment and sustainability committee.

“We’ve listened to what people have said and recognise that this proposal caused genuine concern for households and there was little response from districts wishing to participate in the trial.”

“However, we have to do something.”

It currently costs the County Council £20m a year for disposing of waste that is not being recycled.

“We want to involve the public in a debate on how to resolve this issue,” Coun Creamer added.

“EU and national recycling targets are likely to be enforced over the next few years so we need to think long and hard about what we do.”