Bassetlaw: Candidates urge people to make their vote count

Ballot box
Ballot box

People in Bassetlaw who have still not registered to vote in what is being dubbed ‘the most important election of a generation’ are being urged to do so by candidates.

Bassetlaw District Council maintains a register of electors which at the current time stands at 84,838.

However, the number of people in Bassetlaw registered to vote in the General Election in the Bassetlaw Parliamentary Constituency is 74,951.

This excludes 1.829 people who are local electors only and are not eligible to vote in the General Election and those Bassetlaw residents who are registered to vote in Newark Parliamentary Constituency.

Now candidates across Bassetlaw are now urging those who haven’t registered to make sure their votes count on Thursday 7th May.

John Mann, who is defending Bassetlaw for the Labour Party, said: “The best way to ensure that politicians are held to account is to vote.”

“Voting forces Governments to tackle issues that matter to you.”

Leon Duveen, candidate for the Liberal Democrats, said: “It is absolutely vital that people register to vote and turn out on May 7th.”

“It is their one chance every five years to vote for who they want.”

“It is important because we are coming to a cross roads in Government.”

“Every single vote will have an effect.”

People eligible to vote need to register by Monday 20th April by visiting and following the simple steps.

The Electoral Commission has said one million people have registered online nationwide in just three weeks.

Anyone who is individually registered can apply for a postal vote. You do not need a reason to vote by post.

Kris Wragg, candidate for The Green Party, said: “In 2010, the number of non-voters was enough to match the Conservatives nationally.”

“If you do not register you have no voice, if none of the candidates appeal to you then spoil your vote, that is a more powerful message than staying silent.”