Barlborough: Special reunion and book launch to recall the days of Barber’s Row

A new book has been published about Barber's Row in Barlborough
A new book has been published about Barber's Row in Barlborough

A special book launch and reunion event is taking place in Barlborough this weekend.

Once upon a time on Barber’s Row is all about an old street of houses that used to be in the village until the start of the 1970s, and the families and memories of those who lived there.

The book has been funded and published by Barlbrough Heritage Centre..

The launch this weekend, is also a reunion for old residents, or relatives of residents of Barber’s Row.

Barbers Row was built around 1865 and was demolished in 1970.

Barbers Row consisted of 42 houses, all two-up, two-down style, being attached to the Prince of Wales pub on Renishaw Hill.

“The houses were built by Miles Barber a local coal mine owner, entrepreneur for his work force,” recalled Tony Bak, one of the people behind new book project.

“This row of houses was a very close knit community and was quite notorious during the early years , often hitting the headlines in the local press.

“As many as 13 people in the same family have been noted as living in one of these houses.”

The book has many original photographs of residents and events.

It is a sequel to the group’s first book about the road, Welcome to Barbers Row – Come inside and I’ll tell you a story.

This publication follows on from that and is another snapshot of local history from the people who were there at the time .

The reunion and book launch will take place tomorrow (Saturday) at the Dusty Miller on Sheffield Road in Barlborough between 11am and 4pm and everyone is welcome to come along and share some memories.