Barlborough: Police step up patrols in country park to tackle yobs

Officers will be heading out on extra patrols to tackle anti-social behaviour and criminal damage around Barlborough Country Park after setting their latest priorities.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 18th December 2014, 12:08 pm

The move was agreed by residents, local councillors and partner agencies during the Community Panel Meeting on Friday 5th December.

Officers from the Barlborough Safer Neighbourhood Team will be carrying out increased patrols around the park.

These patrols will help to deter anti-social behaviour and criminal damage, along with identifying possible offenders.

PC Jason Graham and PCSO Simon Galley will be speaking to groups of youths about anti-social behaviour and vandalism over the next few weeks.

It is hoped this will make groups of youths stop and think about the effects of their behaviour on the local community,.

A Barlborough resident, who did not wished to be named said: “Barlborough Country Park has been a hang out spot for groups of youths for many years now.”

“The spot has attracted a lot of anti-social behaviour and criminal damage as a result, because it’s so poorly lit during the nighttime,” the resident added.

“Parents wanting to take their young children to the park are sometimes intimidated by the youths that congregated there during the day and night.”
“I think these patrols are a great idea.”

“Anything that keeps our community a safe place to be is a positive thing, and it will also preserve the park and make it a place people actually want to visit.”

Police officers will take necessary action against offenders and residents are being encouraged to reports incidents of anti-social behaviour to police on non-emergency telephone number 101.

But residents should always be sure to dial 999 in an emergency.

For upcoming police events and meetings, visit and visit the teams’ page.

You can also follow the Neighbourhood Policing team on Twitter @ClowneSNT.

Balborough Country Park is based on Clowne Road.