Bail breach man found covered in blood

In CourtIn Court
In Court
A man who is facing trial over allegations of a domestic incident has broken his bail conditions by visiting his partner’s home.

Steven James Booth, 38, of Willow Road, Maltby, will stand trial on 5th July over the incident, in which it is claimed he destroyed a glass door pane and door.

But while on bail he had conditions restricting his movements - to live and sleep at his bail address each night, and not to contact Jayne Whinfrey.

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Rotherham Magistrates’ Court heard on Monday 20th May how police had been called to Ms Whinfrey’s Wickersley address at 4.30am that morning.

“She answered the door and initially claimed only her and her children were there,” said Mark Hughes, prosecuting.

“However, there was blood in the house and police found Booth in the bathroom covered in blood and his arm wrapped in a blood stained towel.”

Mr Hughes described how Booth had ‘large lacerations’ on each arm.

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“He had cut himself with a kitchen knife because he’d ‘had enough’,” said Mr Hughes.

He went to hospital after being arrested and was remanded in custody for breaching his bail.

Defending Booth, Andrew Walker told magistrates that Ms Whinfrey was sitting in court.

“She contacted my office this morning before anybody else,” he said.

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“She did so because last night the police officers who came to her house and arrested my client told her she should contact the defence solicitor to ask the magistrates if they could remove the non-contact order.”

“I have explained to both of them that courts have a duty to protect even the most reluctant of complainants.”

Mr Walker said the relationship had suffered a ‘series of problems’, including health problems on both their parts and a recent miscarriage.

Mr Walker added: “He tells me he was contacted by the complainant.”

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“He went round there because he could not cope with the situation and harmed himself.”

Magistrates said they would remove the non-contact condition on Booth’s bail, but the residence order at Willow Road will remain.

He will stand trial on Friday 5th July 2013 at Rotherham Magistrates’ Court.

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