Badgers on the brink

RETFORD United have been rocked after Brett Marshall signalled his intention to resign as manager at the end of the season.

The decision comes as chairman Bill Wyles released a statement outlining the club’s ongoing financial issues, which threaten the club’s existence.

Badgers currently sit second in the NCEL Premier behind Bridlington Town after their 4-0 win over Selby Town on Saturday.

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The resignation would see both Marshall and his assistant Graham Walker step down after their final game of the season against Bridlington on 28th April.

Wyles’ statement reads: “Brett Marshall’s resignation at the end of the season will be a great loss to the club.”

“Brett has been let down and as chairman I take ultimate responsibility but I will continue to do everything possible to bring in the funds for the expenses and monies owed.”

“Little has changed since the fans forum a few weeks ago where the situation was discussed with everyone stating their view point. Two or three regular contributors have come forward to help run the club.”

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“Unfortunately the facts are it is still the old debts that are dragging the club down.”

“I want Brett to stay, the players want Brett to stay, and most of the fans want Brett to stay.”

“To stand any chance of that happening £5,000 needs raising and paying into the 1st team account controlled by Paul Hyde by the end of the season.”

“Anyone who can help organise a fund-raiser please step forward.”

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“The first fund-raiser is Ian Beech’s quiz night where money raised goes straight to the first team.”

“To answer directly the calls for me go this is not a problem. I would step aside and write off the money I have already put in but it will need someone of substance to take the debts I have under written to keep the club going.”

“The final straw that broke the camels back was last Thursday when a booking was cancelled at Cannon Park for the Friday, which was a massive function with the potential to be one the biggest ever held at the club.”

“The proceeds had been promised to Brett. I am trying to resurrect this function with direct involvement with the club.”

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“A forum will be announced shortly where the information promised at the last one will be available and I will take all questions.”

“The best way forward for our club is for Brett to stay and maintain the momentum he has created.”

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