Baby’s first holiday...the good and the bad

Baby Blog'Francesca Naylor
Baby Blog'Francesca Naylor

Without meaning to sound smug as I know you’ll be reading this is in pretty wet, cold and windy conditions I’m writing my blog this week sat pool-side in toasty 27 degree sunshine.

Halfway through the first week of our holiday in Fuerteventura with Rob’s mum and dad. So far so good!

There are loads of things to concern yourself about when taking a baby on holiday for the first time;

1. Packing

So many things to remember! Do you take food/milk, nappies, wipes etc or hope that you can find suitable alternatives where you’re travelling to?

All this baby-garb has severely eaten into my usual shoe allocation.

Packing us stressful enough in our household, neither me or Rob are particularly “organised” and usual holiday preparations end up in arguments at 3am the morning before we go with Rob trying to download music to the mp3s whilst I re-assess how many shoes are actually necessary after discovering I’ve gone way over my weight limit.

This holiday has to be different...I can’t cope with such last minute packing.

It was better. Rob was still downloading music but only until midnight and nothing we’ve brought has been ironed but still the cases were zipped and locked a good hour before the taxi arrived.

2. The flight

Four hours 20 minutes on a plane with a six month old. We must be mad. Especially after the last few weeks with Poppy refusing any kind of sleep during the day.

After a terrible journey to the airport, which I thought was going to be a precursor for the remainder of the journey, luckily the flight was pretty easy!

We took lots of toys, Peppa Pig downloaded to the iPad plus a set of grandparents to help entertain, it actually went pretty smoothly. And she fell asleep, miracle!

I think once she crawls we might stick to trains and boats for a bit. I don’t fancy containing an enthusiastic crawler to a plane seat for four hours.

3. The heat

The Canaries are hot but luckily usually pretty breezy, but not at the moment. It’s hot, still and sticky. So what to do with a baby?!

Obviously we’re staying very sun-safe! Factor 50 baby cream, staying inside or in the shade as much as possible plus lots of hats although she has now learnt how to take them off.

On the plus side the heat is making her very sleepy so we’ve managed to grab a few naps round the pool ourselves while the in-laws walk tirelessly round the hotel grounds pushing the buggy.

4. Routine

Not that we really had one...

Babies are pretty adaptable I think and I’m sure Poppy recognises we’re in a new environment, I had hoped to keep some element of bedtime routine but it’s pretty much impossible.

Plus it’s Poppy’s holiday too and she’s loved late night walks in the town and eating out, her fascination with laminated menus is incredible!

I can understand if you have a routine you keep to every day that holidays could be pretty disruptive but there is so much other change it’s probably easier to just forget about it for the week.

So now the only thing I have left to worry about is re-packing and the flight home!

Oh and here’s hoping she sleeps as much back in Blighty....I might be tempted to knock the central heating up a notch to recreate these tropical climes.

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