Audrey’s Jubilee Party

Dinno Lad Checks Out - Audrey's Diamond Jubilee celebrations (w120606-13)
Dinno Lad Checks Out - Audrey's Diamond Jubilee celebrations (w120606-13)

The best decked out house in Dinnington last week could be found on Lidget Lane.

This is where Audrey Butcher and her family got together to celebrate. Audrey, who was 70 in April, has returned to live in Dinno after 20 years in Scotland.

Most of her family are from these parts and as you can see from the photo they are pleased to have her back.

The first time Audrey ever watched a television was when she was 10 and the Queen’s Coronation was being beamed across the country.

Ever since, Audrey has been a self-confessed Royalist.

She decided to delay her 70th birthday celebrations to organize a Diamond Jubilee party and share the special day with Her Majesty.

So on Tuesday afternoon the party began, surrounded by her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren family and friends Audrey’s joy was plain to see.

Many helped arrange the event with grandson Antony Butcher, 22, spending the whole morning putting up bunting and flags.

Audrey said: “Antony is in the Royal Engineers and has just returned from his third and final tour of Afghanistan. We are all extremely proud of him and having Antony here with us has made the day perfect.”

“I just love planning a party and I have been looking forward to this day ever since I returned to live in Dinnington. Who would have thought that after watching the Queen’s Coronation, 60 years later I would be organizing a family party to Celebrate her Diamond Jubilee.”

The barbie was going down a treat, the garden was full of family and friends having a good time and the day was summed up perfectly by Antony who said: “There isn’t enough of this, it’s just great to get the family together.”

So true, I say, and for me it finished off the big weekend making you proud to be British.