Asda is coming to Harworth...

Harworth Colliery
Harworth Colliery

SUPERMARKET giant Asda are building a new store in Harworth and creating up to 80 new jobs.

Bassetlaw Council have given the green light to a huge new 996-home development on the former Harworth Colliery site which includes a supermarket.

During the meeting of the council’s planning committee it was announced that Asda were the company wanting to operate the store.

It has pledged to build a 13,000 sq ft store on Scrooby Road, creating up to 80 full and part-time jobs.

Asda believes the new store would act as a ‘retail anchor’ for the town, attracting shoppers back into the town centre and bringing a welcome economic boost to the area.

“We are very pleased to be announcing our plans for a new store in Harworth and we look forward to bringing Asda’s famous low prices and quality groceries to the town’s shoppers,” said Avnish Raichura, Asda property communications manager.

“Asda will work in partnership with the council and undertake extensive public consultation, involving local residents and businesses.”

“The Scrooby Road location means the store will help attract shoppers back to Harworth and will bring a much-needed boost to the local economy.”

“I am sure the local community will welcome these proposals and we look forward to the opportunity of working with the local people to realise the economic and job creating benefits a new store will bring.”

The store will also include car and bicycle parking spaces and recycling facilities.

Local residents will be given a chance to comment on the scheme when a public consultation is carried out.

Following that the company will submit a reserved matters application to the council, which will include details of the development.

During last week’s meeting at Worksop Town Hall, the committee was told that the supermarket would be built during the first phase of the residential development – which is hoped to commence this year and take five years to complete.

Outline planning permission for the development was granted in December, but came back to the committee last week for councillors to consider the legal agreement and planning conditions.

Coun Graham Oxby said he felt it was the right development for the area, but was concerned of the effects a huge supermarket would bring for local businesses.

“I think we would be kidding ourselves for thinking that the creation of a supermarket will not be the death knell for the majority of these business,” he said.

David Armiger, the council’s head of community prosperity, said a retail consultation has found that many people in Harworth go out of the town for their shopping.

According to planners the development will be completed in phases over a 17 year period.

The final phase relates to employment provision and employment provision on the site.

UK Coal is sill investigating the possibility of re-opening the colliery.

If re-opening is found viable it would take two years for the colliery to reopen and it would proceed on a much smaller scale for around 20 years.

The surrounding land would therefore still be redundant and the development could still continue alongside a working colliery.