ASDA clean up streets

Staff from the local ASDA store took part in a litter pick as part of a store-wide initiative to get their workers out and about and helping in the community.

Workers from the Celtic Point supermarket in Gateford put their hands up to get them dirty and do their bit to clean up the local area.

Staff member Josh Hewitt said that it was a huge success.

“It went really, really well,” he said.

“There were about seven of us involved and we covered about six miles down the road, which is quite far.”

He continued: “The initiative is a regional ASDA thing that all of our stores will be taking part inb around their areas and I think we’ll definitely be doing another one.”

“It’s just to show that we are very much involved in the local communtiy and we do really care about it.”

Josh added: “A number of us wanted to take part but not everyone got the chance so we’d like to give everyone a go.”

- Are YOU doing something to clean up your area or just lend a helping hand in the local community that you want our readers to know about?

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