Asbestos checks at 44 local schools over the next year

Schools in Bassetlaw are being inspected for asbestos G130220-4a
Schools in Bassetlaw are being inspected for asbestos G130220-4a

NOTTS County Council is to inspect 44 schools across Bassetlaw this year for asbestos, the authority has revealed.

The Worksop Guardian obtained new figures under the Freedom of Information (FOI) Act which show 20 schools in Worksop and 24 in Retford will be inspected this year.

Tim Gregory, corporate director, environment and resources at Notts County Council, said the checks will be made as part of the authority’s annual inspections of schools.

“The county council has comprehensive asbestos management protocols which apply to all its buildings and includes a regime of regular surveys when necessary,” he said.

“We work on the basis that any building erected before the year 2000 could contain asbestos unless we can prove otherwise, which is in line with Health and Safety Executive guidance.”

He added: “The surveys in Bassetlaw do not entail any materials being disturbed, so there is no risk to the inspector or other users of the buildings whilst the surveys are taking place.”

“Asbestos only poses a risk if it is disturbed.”

“The information collected during the survey monitors the condition of the asbestos and the likelihood of it being disturbed during the day-to-day use of the building.”

“Following Control of Asbestos Regulations, high or medium risk items are either professionally and safely removed or treated.”

“Low or very low risk items continue to be monitored and managed. The council also has an on-going programme of improvements to school buildings, so it is vital to have up-to-date information on the location and condition of any asbestos.”