As a Weight Watchers coach Debbie loves being able to offer her support to members

A woman is helping inspire people of Gainsborough to lose weight in her role as a Weight Watchers coach.

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Tuesday, 4th April 2017, 11:51 am
Updated Saturday, 8th April 2017, 10:25 pm
Debbie Waby
Debbie Waby

Debbie Waby, 43, became a leader in November 2015 after her coach helped her to follow the plan and achieve great results.

Debbie said:  “My inspiration to apply for the role came from my successful coach Wray Mary Annable who supported me to lose five stone while following the plan.

“My weight loss journey was always at a slow rate of half a pound or a pound a week and I remember how encouraging my coach was.

“Not only just for me but for all of the other successful members.

“Her supportive and ongoing presence gave me the confidence to not only achieve my goal of five stone but also gain confidence in myself.”

Debbie says loves being able to support her members through the every day challenges which losing weight presents.

She said: “My members can often be faced with every day challenges from home and work life to eating out, socialising, holiday’s and upcoming Easter events.

“As a Weight Watchers coach I love being able to support my members in any situation while also achieving success along their journey.

“Smart points is a very successful, healthy and sustainable plan which members which helps members to make health changes to their lifestyle and health, knowing that I am able to be part of their journey is so rewarding.”

Debbie says Weight Watchers was a part of her life from an early age.

She said: “My mum and her friend always followed the plans and loved the meetings.

“Once I started my own personal journey I knew that the role as a coach would be right for myself .”

Debbie says her biggest achievement in her role so far has been supporting very successful members within her six meetings and helping her members to achieve their goals.

She said: “One of my member’s weight loss is 107lbs which I am immensely proud of.”

Debbie is married to her husband Mark and she has four children, Jade, aged 20, Sam, aged 19, Grace, aged seven, and Eve, aged six.

Debbie said: “Jade was my reason for joining Weight Watchers as I gained all my weight while pregnant eating for two while also thinking the weight would drop off afterwards.”

After school Debbie headed to Worksop College where she completed an AAT Accounting Level 2 and 3.

She said: “I have also had work experience in hospitality, supermarkets and Admin roles.”

Looking to the future Debbie hopes she will be able to support many more members in achieving life changing goals and also improved health.

When she is not working Debbie likes to socialise with friends and family.

She said: “Following our smart points plan has given me the confidence to be able to do that, whilse also enjoying family time with my children.

“Shopping is a great hobby, I love being able to go into any store and buy new clothes that I am choosing.”

Debbie runs Weight Watchers meetings at Gainsborough Methodist Church in North Street, Gainsborough, on Tuesdays at 9.30am and Wednesdays at 5.45pm.

Weight Watchers was founded in 1963 by Jean Nidetch in Queens, New York.

It now operates in 30 countries around the world, generally under names that are local translations of “Weight Watchers”.

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