APRIL FOOL! Nottinghamshire woman buys UK’s first half cat/half dog pet

Meet Fluffy - Britain’s first cat/dog hybrid, imported from China by a Nottinghamshire animal lover.

By Polo Flair
Wednesday, 1st April 2015, 12:00 pm
Fluffy the Cog
Fluffy the Cog

The new species of animal - known as a Cog - was developed by scientists in a Beijing laboratory in 2013, but until recently the controversial creatures were outlawed in the UK.

However, the law was changed last month and Warsop woman Avril Fuller has become the first person in the UK to buy a half cat/half dog animal, forking out more than £10,000 for Fluffy.

Avril, 67, said: “People will say I’m mad, but I believe Fluffy is worth every penny.

“I love dogs, and I love cats, so Fluffy is the best of both worlds.

“Having dogs and cats under the same roof is not easy because they fight constantly, so this just makes it a whole lot easier.”

Avril added that another benefit of owning a Cog is that they exhibit the best traits of both species.

“When I take Fluffy for walkies I don’t have to worry about cleaning up after it, because like a cat she buries her own mess.

“She is extremely affectionate. When she is happy she purrs, and when she is angry she barks. She’s marvellous.”