Appeal finds Worksop hero who saved little Percy's life in '˜horrific' beach attack

Helen Davies is pictured with her dog Percy.Helen Davies is pictured with her dog Percy.
Helen Davies is pictured with her dog Percy.
A Facebook appeal, shared thousands of times, has tracked down the Good Samaritan from Worksop who saved a dog's life in a 'horrific' attack on the beach.

Helen Davies was walking with her beloved pet Percy in Bridlington when he was set upon by two greyhounds on Easter Monday, in what she described as an ‘horrific’ ordeal.

Days later, Helen set about trying to find the bystander who had stepped in and grabbed the greyhouds, allowing a wounded and terrified Percy to run for his life to a nearby farm.

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After her story was shared more than 9,500 times on Facebook, on Sunday she got a call from Frank, the holidaymaker from Worksop, who put himself at risk to rescue Percy.

Helen, who is manager of the prestigious Rise Hall, has invited Frank to the exclusive stately home for lunch so she can say thank you.

She said: “Frank appeared from nowhere. He grabbed one of the dogs, which enabled me to grab the other.

“Percy ran off and I chased after him, leaving Frank to hold both the greyhounds.”

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Helen headed to a nearby farm, where after almost 30 minutes she found Percy hiding in a field.

“He was drenched in blood from head to toe. I was so convinced I was going to lose him but I knew that if I did, he would die in my arms.

“The farmer, who was another hero that day, drove us to the emergency vets in Driffield, and Percy has made an amazing recovery. His strength is returning but he is very nervous.”

The experience has left Helen fearful of taking Percy, a Maltese and poodle cross, back on to the beach.

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“We quite often start from Fraisthorpe, because you can park there, walk into Bridlington, have a bag of chips and walk back,” she said.

“Percy is an incredibly social little dog and is no harm to anybody.

“We were chatting to the owners of another dog and they were running around in circles. It was time to move on, so I called Percy over.

“I looked up and the next thing I knew these two huge greyhounds were on top of Percy. They had come from nowhere.

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“One grabbed hold of Percy and threw him up in the air. He landed on his back and because of the scream when he landed, I thought he had died.

“The other dog grabbed him by the throat. Everybody was completely shocked.”

The owners of the greyhounds have come forward and offered to pay for the vets’ bills.

“They are very remorseful,” said Helen. “A lot of people would have just left the scene.

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“But greyhounds should never be allowed to run in open beach space without muzzles. If they had been muzzled, Percy’s life would not have been in danger and Frank would not have had to put himself at risk.

“But he is the most humble and kind man.”